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WTS offers qualified and committed employees a wealth of opportunities to pursue their personal and professional objectives. We are active in the consulting business both in Germany and abroad. We offer and successfully deliver the full range of consulting services from the completion of tax returns to the prompt and practical implementation of new legislative undertakings.
Our business and our people thrive together because we allow and encourage each employee to make the most of his or her interests and abilities. We actively promote strategic personal development and expect in return that each employee will commit to our cause and fully embrace the notion of consulting as a personal and professional challenge.
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WTS is a dynamically growing global consulting group with presence in more than 100 countries. WTS offers comprehensive service portfolio in Tax, Legal and Consulting. To avoid any conflict of interest, we deliberately refrain from conducting statutory accounting audits.

Within our China service portfolio, we focus on finance and tax consulting. Our clients include multinational groups, national and international medium-sized and small companies, non-profit organizations and private companies.

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