Dear Sir/Madame,

Reminder on 2023 annual China IIT filing

This serves as a reminder to you. The annual China individual individual income tax (llT) filing for the year 2023 will end on 30 June 2024. The official filing channel has been released to all individuals. Please be reminded that you or your colleagues need to complete the annual China llT filing for 2023 by the official deadline, 30 June 2024.

FYl, a China llT taxpayer in any of the following circumstances is required to perform the annual IIT filing for 2023:

  • A taxpayer’s prepaid tax amount has exceeded the annual tax payable amount and he/she intends to apply for a tax refund; or
  • A taxpayer’s consolidated income has exceeded RMB 120,000 in a calendar year and the tax amount to be paid retrospectively has exceeded RMB 400.

In short, most taxpayers need to handle the said filing. Missing the said filing will be a non-compliance issue. Thanks for your attention. lf you need any help, feel free to contact us.

Thanks and best regards,
WTS China