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As tax systems become ever more complex and reporting obligations increase, IT solutions are gaining importance. They enable companies to retrieve information about their tax burden quickly and easily, to identify potential areas for optimization and, last but not least, to be sure that they fulfill their tax reporting obligations.This applies to VAT and income tax transactions in particular, which are often handled in bulk, but in which even small errors can have serious consequences for a company.
An IT-based tax solution will achieve the most and be the most efficient if it is adapted to the company’s individual situation. That is why we at WTS place high value on tailored implementation. Our experts develop the right IT-based tax solutions for your specific issues and business processes, and integrate these into your existing IT infrastructure. We see tax consultancy and IT implementation as one entity, which is why consultants across all disciplines of the WTS group are trained using a strictly integrated consultancy approach.

We provide consultancy services for:
National and international groups, medium-sized companies and public institutions

Our services:

  • Carrying out impact analyses to identify the adjustment requirements of the IT systems with regards to tax issues
  • Implementing appropriate tax solutions in IT systems
  • Introducing database-controlled tax validation and reporting tools for the purposes of tax risk provisioning and reporting obligations
  • Identifying business transactions which are relevant to transfer prices, developing and implementing a documentation concept based on the law on nature and scope of German transfer pricing documentation (Gewinnabgrenzungsaufzeichnungsverordnung, GAufzV)
  • Providing VAT and income tax consultancy on individual issues and the associated process optimisation and design
  • Carrying out the technical project management and assuming the role of mediator on tax projects
  • Running in-house training sessions tailored to your company and your employees

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