Post-pandemic Asia has seen a proliferation of tax developments in response to economic and political change.

Global and regional tax MNC tax executives ask WTS Global to support them in navigating this fast-changing landscape. Our latest Asia Pacific brochure provides insights, analysis, links to further information and contact details to help clients keep pace with what matters most.

The Asia Pacific economic outlook for 2024 calls for continued growth and lower inflation, in addition to downside risks associated with some sectoral
weaknesses in China, El Niño-linked food security and financial stability as the “easy money” era winds down. The latest report from the Asian Development Bank anticipates a Developing Asia inflation rate of 3.5% and GDP growth of 4.8%, buoyed by strong projected growth in India.

While global supply chain vulnerabilities, geopolitical and trade tensions, an evolving digital economy and the growing climate crisis have contributed to an increasingly volatile environment, these trends also support opportunities for nimble businesses and policy makers to seize competitive advantages and to attract investment.

Download the WTS Global in Asia Pacific brochure here.

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