FIDAL joins WTS Global in France

As of January 2021, the leading French law firm FIDAL is a member of WTS Global

Press Release from February 1, 2021

We are proud to announce that as of January 2021, the leading French law firm FIDAL is a member of WTS Global.

Founded originally as a tax firm in 1922, FIDAL today is the largest law firm in France with tax being a core discipline of the firm.

With more than 1,300 lawyers and consultants, and with representation in more than 90 cities across the country, FIDAL is widely recognized as a trusted advisor to French headquartered companies across all sectors and of all sizes.

FIDAL assists its clients in all areas of business law and provides the full scope of services in tax advisory and tax compliance, including international corporate tax, transfer pricing, indirect tax, local taxes, R&D tax credit, tax technology, global expatriate services as well as tax litigation.

WTS Global is a perfect match for FIDAL. Both organizations share the same values and culture and pursue a very similar service approach. As for WTS Global and its member firms the partners at FIDAL strive to have an inside view on their clients’ needs. We understand it as our preeminent task to be a trusted advisor and a genuine business partner to our clients on a long-term basis. Therefore, it was crucial for us, that WTS Global and its member firms refrain from conducting audits in order to avoid any conflict of interest.

Laurent Leclercq, Partner, FIDAL

We are delighted to welcome FIDAL in our WTS Global community. This is a milestone and the beginning of a new era. With France being the second largest economy in Europe and top ten in the world, the accession of FIDAL will with no doubt have great impetus on our inbound and outbound business, be it in Europe, the Americas, Africa or Asia. Apart from business we are very much looking forward to join up with FIDAL to further build the tax firm of the future.

Wim Wuyts, CEO WTS Global

FIDAL will be the largest member firm in our global organization next to WTS Germany. For WTS Global, it is an essential prerequisite to have a strong engine like FIDAL representing one of the key markets in Europe. This is the way forward. With the many years of international experience, the number of experts focusing on tax as well as the comprehensive and high-quality service offering, we are certain that our clients across the world will feel in safe hands with our new member firm in France. In conjunction with FIDAL joining WTS Global, the current French member firm Villemot WTS will leave WTS Global after September 30th, 2021. I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Villemot WTS, especially to the Founding Partner Dominique Villemot, for the excellent cooperation in the last years.

Fritz Esterer, Chairman of the WTS Global board.

About WTS Global

With representation in over 100 countries, WTS Global has already grown to a leadership position as a global tax practice offering the full range of tax services and aspires to become the preeminent non-audit tax practice worldwide. WTS Global deliberately refrains from conducting annual audits in order to avoid any conflicts of interest and to be the long-term trusted advisor for its international clients. Clients of WTS Global include multinational companies, international mid-size companies as well as private clients and family offices.

The member firms of WTS Global are carefully selected through stringent quality reviews. They are strong local players in their home market who are united by the ambition of building a truly global practice that develops the tax leaders of the future and anticipates the new digital tax world.

WTS Global effectively combines senior tax expertise from different cultures and backgrounds and offers world-class skills in advisory, in-house, regulatory and digital, coupled with the ability to think like experienced business people in a constantly changing world.

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