Chinese Language Club

Speak Mandarin?

Language is fun and human. Ever wonder what Mandarin can offer while you are in China?

Our Chinese Language Club is suitable for new and fresh Mandarin learner, especially for expatriates executives. It is not only about Mandarin, but the culture and the people. It is not to perfect your Mandarin (who can learn a language in six months?), but to appreciate its beauty.

It is never a fun to memorize a Mandarin phrase, or to rely on an APP for translation, without appreciating the culture, the history or the logics.

Make “language” one of the best take-away from your China trip.

Our offer

We use practical and party-like approach for the training, with videos, music, snacks and networking, etc.

It is a combination of Chinese culture and business. A language tour will also be included, to interpret what you see and hear.

Our experience

WTS China has been serving expats and MNCs for 15 years in various consulting projects;

A team of trainers, including:

  • Managing partner, certified member of UK’s Chartered Institute of Linguists, UK MBA holder;
  • Manager, Chinese engineer, UK MBA holder; and
  • Senior consultants, China CPA.

Session program

Time Schedule Content A B C
Session 1 Introduction on Chinese language
• Introduction on China
• Appreciation on writing rules
• Oral practice
Session 2 Chinese Pinyin pronunciation system
• Pronunciation of common vocabulary
• Oral practice
Session 3 Basic expressions
• Greetings
• Numbers, directions, time and date etc.
• Oral practice
Session 4 Daily life scene: Transportation
• Introduction on major cities and attractions
• Oral practice
Session 5 Business scenarios: Meetings
• Reception
• Negotiation
• Oral practice
Session 6 Chinese culture and social conventions
• Key customs
• Usage of WeChat
• Oral practice
Session 7 Business scenarios: Office talk
• Finance procedures
• Reimbursement rules
• Oral practice
Session 8 Lifestyle routines: Chinese food
• Chinese cuisine
• Dining and wining
• Oral practice
Session 9 Business scenarios
• Seating arrangement
• Toasting
• Oral practice
Session 10 Language tour in Shanghai
Session 11 Chinese culture in business environment
• Meeting manner and culture
• Hierarchy
• Oral practice
Session 12 Daily life scenarios: Chatting
• Greetings
• News
• Oral practice
Session 13 Daily life scenarios: Shopping
• Chinese folk crafts
• Grocery shops and supermarkets
• Online shops
• Oral practice
Session 14 Business scenarios: Government bodies
• Chinese government departments
• Tax and finance languages
• Oral practice
Session 15 Language tour in Shanghai

* Each session lasts two hours.


The sessions will be held in every Friday afternoon with two hours for each session.

The total time for the three programs are:

A. 5 weeks;

B. 10 weeks;

C. 15 weeks.


At WTS China’s office in Shanghai (Unit 06-07, 9th Floor, Tower A, Financial Street Hailun Center, No.440 Hailun Road, Hongkou District, Shanghai, China 200080) or a training venue to be designated in Shanghai.

Enrollment procedure

(a) Initial online registration ;

(b) Formal enrollment;

(c) Payment [Down payment (10%) +`Full payment before first session (90%)]

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